Problems purchasing your tickets?


As LP underground members, are anyone of you having problem purchasing tickets online and how good are your seats since we are first ones to purchase them?
When I purchase tickets for the their 2/23/11 concert at The Staple Center, I felt they were pretty decent seats, they were in the 100th row by the stage.
Anyone that purchase tickets today, can you tell me your experience about how long it took to get through online, if you got good seats and how many can you purchase, please? Thanks! I waiting for them to announce a SoCal tour?


i just posted on a similar thread about the same thing. the first time i tried to get tickets i was on a pc and it showed sold out. but when i got on my macbook it showed all kinds of tickets. did this happen to anyone else besides me?


Damn for real!? How long do you think it took you to finally get through? Are satisfied with your seats though?


i really wanted pit tickets, i was on the site at 10am and couldnt get them. but after about 30mins i thought i would get on my mac and just see what i could get. i got really good reserved seats. im in section 200 row A which is in my opinion some of the best seats because that is right behind the pit center stage.


i should also note that i’m going to the cincinnati show


Yah rhat’s pretty good seats, shoot at least you got them! You think about it, we do get some advantage for being a member right? Although the pit would be awesome! But damn 30 mins to finally get on!?


Damn two shows!!? Right on![cool][cool]


if you go to the cincy show i have an extra ticket.


It took me 15 minutes to purchase tickets for Camden show. Every time I searched for 2 tickets starting at 10am it kept coming up with an error message. Me and my friend are huge fans and I always surprise her with tickets. Finally I get them in section 104 4th row, towards the left of the stage behind the pit which is good but here’s the funny part, Seats 14 and 17…I couldn’t even get 2 seats next to each other? I’m sad to say for being a new LPu member and first time buying tickets through this site I’m a little disappointed, but I’m just happy I at least got the tickets, hoping the 2 people sitting next to me won’t mind moving down 1 seat lol


That sucks! Lol I’ve been to two concerts Already and this is the 2nd time I’ve been a member so I’m hoping I won’t have any problems once the SoCal tour goes on sale. I think a lot of people plan to go to this tour because Incubus is touring too and they are really two popular bands…