Problems with blog posting or edit


It doesn’t let me post my blog in my LPU page. Neither edit my blog. Why? It sais “there are some problems…” I’m logged.


Just try again. It’s a common thing. If it keeps giving you that message, try reducing the words of your post. Maybe it considers it spam too, especially if you post frequently.


Make sure to check if there’s a “I am not a bot” checkbox. Also, be careful, I’ve been locked out of my account after messing with blogs a ton


I did. Every time. It finally posted my blog, but I also have problems with editing it.


It could be a site glitch. You can always email support though.


Hey @Skyolker-

Sorry your having issues. I just tested a few things and it seems to be working for me. Please don’t hesitate to email support at for assistance. We are also here for you at as well!

-Lulu / LPU HQ


Speaking of problems.
When I press the “Blogs” button under the “LPU” menu the site just goes into constant reload. As a result the page doesn’t open and there is nothing I can do. Please take action.


Nope, works just fine.


Happens to me, too. Keeps redirecting to the login page even though I’m logged in


Same here. :cry:


Works fine for me too.


Rechecking now, it seems to work


Same problem here


This should no longer be an issue

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