Problems with delivery


First, I apologize for the imperfections of my English.
I write from Brazil and I have a problem for almost three months with respect to the LPU.

Realized, by mistake, two identical requests on 8 April (# Orders: “GC0901-040713-TP54L35” and “GC0901-040713-ES5OZ58”).

Shortly thereafter, I sent an email requesting cancellation (Order #128273).

However, I received the reply that my request would not be fulfilled because the order had been sent.

Around May 13, I received one of the orders, but the other did not arrive until today.

Have I contacted several times with the ground (ctrl) Support, but they never solve the problem, claiming that I have to “wait” or contact the posting service of my country.

But apparently the order even arrived in Brazil, making it impossible to trace it.

In the end, they will not accept reverse the amount paid or resend the product.

Can anyone help me please??

Thanks and hugs from Brazil!

  1. Post this in the Help/Feedback Threads next time. It’ll be easier.
  2. The moment they send out your package/order it’s up to YOUR postal services to delivery it to you. Since you say it has reached Brazil, you should visit your local post office and ask them about it. Ground(ctrl) can’t do anything since (at least it’s clear to me) your post office is the one that obviously lost your package.