Problems with Media


Anyone else getting 404 pages when they click to stream any LPU albums ? It was working last night…


Is your LPU membership still appearing? Some people have been having account issues. Check and see if it says LPU member under your name


Half of the songs on the XIII page redirect to some cover version of Numb


That’s really weird… I found the file itself, it doesn’t link to FullscreenDirect like the others, and is the full song. I’d imagine it’s just a placeholder, though


LPU 15 and 14 don’t even have previews for me. 13 is indeed a cover of Numb and the rest are good.


I get 404 on 13. Same as when we tried it before.


yep all the time says no longer available but hey there still some other pages and this happens when you click on something that should be there as it was posted but see there not really doing anything to improve the site @FullscreenDirect or @lpuhq1


It doesn’t but I just purchased the membership this weekend.


There’s been issues with the site lately that will hopefully be fixed soon


I hope they fix it soon! I really want to listen to all the demo and unreleased stuff!


I had an Account befor but he is gone the dont expect my E-Mail adress


Contact support or the HQ, there have been some glitches due to the migration.