Project for Lorenzo


Actual submissions still aren’t up yet, this is just to show that it’s working. When it is ready to go, all you’ll have to do is post a tweet with the hashtag


Alright, thanx my friend :blush:


Alright, we’re looking forward!


Haven’t had a chance to work on this at all the last two days because of work, should be able to more tomorrow. I mostly only have to do atheistic related stuff to it at this point


Idea just perfect,


I love this idea😍


Did a bit more work on it today, hope to have this done by Friday. Still is only searching for his Twitter username until it’s finished


Ahhh- great- I think I got now how it works- :bulb: everybody who sent a tweet to @lorenzoerr is on the board- but you replace this with another hashtag that you’ll tell us when it’s ready and with using it in our msg the card will appear on the board? Right? :thinking:… and I like the new background :grin: good going with it Jordan @jfar920


So do I understand right- I just have to post my message on Twitter and tag Lorenzo and it will appear on the postcard page?


Kind of, it will show up on there now if you do that, but that isn’t the intended presentation. There’s gonna be a hashtag to use instead that will show the tweets on there instead.

It’s mostly done, but I forgot about the picture aspect of it, so I need a bit more time


Take all the time you need :blush:, we are here, ready to go when it’s done :+1:t2:


wow! can’t wait to see it :heart:


Lorenzo!!! :tada:How nice you show up here :heart_eyes: @lorenzoerr and wow, I really can’t imagine the lpu without you, :pensive: I still remember the backstage tour back then in Berlin 2015 that you made a very special experience for me and my family, and meeting you then in LA at the bowl was like meeting a family member. I hope you find in Berlin what you are looking for an what you deserve… and the rest I’ll tell you with my card on the board! We all love you, be blessed and you will always be loved from the lpu :heart:


so many great memories. and all love :heart::heart:


:heart_eyes::hugs: yes !!! Thank you so much :heart:


Is this still on ? Or there was smthg like last date?


Still on :wink:


hey guys! I want to join the project for Lorenzo. But I still don´t get it, how to do it. :sweat_smile:


So I think it is ready to go. I’m probably gonna still tweak it a bit to make it look the best it can, but it’s functional! It’ll probably be blank if you’re the first few to click the link, but once people contribute, it should fill up!

To contribute to the project, all you have to do is make a tweet sharing a memory with him or just wishing him good luck, but make sure you include the hashtag “#GoodLuckLorenzo”.

Don’t tag him in the tweet, it isn’t needed to show up and would look strange with the postcard format.

You can include photos if you would like as well. The first photo will show up on the postcard in the bottom right corner!

If you don’t have a Twitter, post your message here with or email me it at Include what you want your name included as and a picture and your location if you want to have those included, too.

When we get enough submissions, we will show the page as a whole to him (if he doesn’t see it before then, snoopin’ around the forum :stuck_out_tongue:). This is open to anyone, even non-forum members, but I’m going to make a special version of it for just us, so if you submit anything, post the link here!

Example tweet:

Edit: Forgot to mention, the postcards shuffle around in placement and in the way they stack upon reload, so when more cards fill up, each one has a chance to appear better


Thank you for all your work @jFar920 ! here is my link