Project for Lorenzo


I’m watching this thread for a few days, great idea @jFar920 ! :raised_hands:t4:


@jFar920 thanks for your hard work!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
My short message here :blush: :see_no_evil: :

“We’ll miss you here, but we also know you’ll never let us alone! I’m beyond grateful to you and I wish you a bright career in the upcoming future!
Sunny hugs and lots of love from Rome, Lpfan61 .”


So cool- thanx Jordan- gonna do my tweet tonight :heart_eyes:


Thank you for doing this, Jordan! Here’s my tweet:

You can use Cátia as my name, and I’m from Lisbon :blush:


Looks amazing! Thank you! :smiley: Here is mine:


Thank you for that, @jFar920, it’s a great idea :ok_hand::pray:
Here’s my tweet:


Thank you again for doing this @jFar920 !
This is mine:


We have to show the tweet here or it’s enough when I use the hashtag?


Emailed my submission :slight_smile:


Hashtag is enough- click on Jordans link and you’ll see the board


Thank You! :hugs:


You’re welcome dear :hugs:


How long does it take until the post appears on the board? Because mine is not there… :thinking:


Mhhh, there is a diffrent order - when you click on my link or on Jordans- but in both there is one card hidded behind others so that you cannot click it- but maybe @jfar920 can tell?!


It’s also worth pointing out that you need to pause your adblock for it to work.


@lpaniist Can you link your tweet? I’ll see if I can look into it

@theearlywalker Every time the page reloads they move around, sometimes some will be behind others

@the_termin8r I have an ad blocker on so that seems odd that it doesn’t show up for you with it on


The site came up, but none of the cards showed until I paused it.



Not sure why it isn’t showing up, I can take a better look at the site when I get home, but you don’t need to include the “Dear Lorenzo,” or your name at the end, the postcard adds those automatically