Project for Lorenzo


I can’t see anything wrong with the tweet, the only thing I can suggest is reposting it, or I can manually add it if you’d like


I’ll try…

Edit: it’s there :hugs: :muscle:


@lpaniist I see it now, glad that worked!

@rickvanmeijel I’ll have yours manually added by tonight

I updated the page a little to make the text not go over top the LPU logo as much. You can also get the link to the Tweet by clicking the location on the top of the card. I’m going to try and change how it randomly shows the tweets tonight so they don’t cover each other up as much


@jFar920 in the project I already seen other posts even before the hashtag was created: how do we know that our post is there?


It appears only when you use the hashtag… just click on the link he posted above and you’ll see the board


Alright thank you


You’re welcome :blush:


Can you please tell once again or I’ll have to read entire thread. Thank you. :heart:

Sorry dear i am 18 days late. :slightly_smiling_face::heart:
I’ll do mine and send in here by tmro.
I’ll be it posting on G+


The hashtag is #GoodLuckLorenzo @Honey8


thanks angel :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I am making that kind of post card… 2 page one (front and back) Like one with address and stamp, other with body. Should i leave the address area?


Here is mine… I’ll send the link too.



Dear - you have to use twitter- if you use the hashtag your message will automatically be converted into this postcard design- I dunnow if google+ hashtags appear on the board actually? Do they @jFar920 ?


Yes dear ik it’s all in the twitter… ad i was going to state that but the issue already had this…

So i thought it’d be okay if i do it here. :slightly_smiling_face: Is there
Smthg else i need to do?


I can add postcards manually, but they have to be in text form. I tried to do it in this picture below to show you, but it’s unfortunately a little too long to fit in the card


I’ll shorten hold on.

Add my country as India.

From the beginning we had your support
You were backbone of LP family
Giving you bag full of memories
Beautiful moments and glories
With all LP soldiers i join and feel great to add a goodluck coin.
Thanks for your support. Hope you keep smiling on this boat!


Your card should be up now!

I’m gonna wait until the end of the weekend to see if anyone else is going to join in and we can show this to Lorenzo. When I post mine on Twitter I’ll also mention him and link him to the project


Yaayy!! Dances around like small kid :blush::dancer:
Thanks for letting me in!! I am so happy seeing my card :grin:
I wish many more come in!


So, I didn’t send this to Lorenzo this weekend. I noticed most of the postcards started to disappear, starting it from the oldest ones. I’m guessing the way Twitter is set up stops showing tweets after a while. I need to consider a new method to show these for a long term


wont be fun, but manually? :sweat_smile:


I wanna add one sorry forgot to do it! I’ll do it when I get back from work this evening is that ok?