Project for Lorenzo


Means we have to redo it? Maybe set a deadline? @jfar920


What I think is probably the best work around is I make a Twitter account dedicated just to this project that I will retweet all the tweets because I don’t think that that will limit them by time


Let us know (I got to send mine lol, it’s pretty hard write something you did 4 times :relieved:)


I didn’t even do anything with the account yet aside from edit the bio. I was in the middle of making a tweet

Edit: The page is working again now and the Tweets should no longer disappear. One last chance for anyone to add their message before we share this with Lorenzo, you still only have to include the hashtag #GoodLuckLorenzo


:tada::tada::tada: yaaaaay :heart_eyes: will check and do mine again in case that it’s deleted :blush: thanx again!! Abd this account lock is strange indeed :flushed:


Added mine today


Finally added mine as well!


I’ve Tweeted the link out to Lorenzo just a little bit ago. Everyone’s messages who submitted them should be there, but it’s not to late to add them still if you missed out!


How can I see them? :sweat_smile:



Thank you very much! :hugs:

EDIT: so in the end they’re all tweets, no other kind of messages…but…I send him something here too, so it’s ok! :sweat_smile: :blush:


They aren’t all Tweets, @rickvanmeijel and @Honey8’s were manual submissions

Edit: I just realized I missed your message, I’m so sorry! I’m adding it now

Edit 2: It’s on there now, I’m still really sorry!


Thank you so much!!! :blush: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Thank you :cherry_blossom:


Thanks for the effort :slight_smile: I appreciate it, and I loved it!


Thank you Jordan, Lorenzo liked the tweets- great idea- well done! :+1:t2::tada:


Thanks for this @jFar920 ! He posted about it today on twitter


Really??link pretty please? :blush:



Thank you!! :hugs: :hugs: