Turn our mics up louder; we’ve got to say something.

We are in no way experienced writers - just mere Linkin Park fans who want to see Linkin Park (more) live.

How often do we fans listen to LP and feel uneasy, because we badly want to hear their songs live? All the time. This is our journey. We write to you from our third world country, in the middle of the pacific ocean, in the middle of all the poverty and all uncertainties, to chase our dreams and make them reality. Our goal is to come to LA and attend sudden @mikeshinoda art shows, secret shows, any show. We just couldn’t wait any longer for the band to #ComeBackSoon to Manila, so we decided to change our life - by being successful enough to be able to see them live, wherever they end up touring or summit-ing. Our goal is to be able to travel the world while seeing LP live, and we hope to inspire some fans to translate inspiration into action. Not just fans of LP, in the future, fans of other artists as well.

This is #ProjektLA. Today; I write to you with not a million peso yet in my bank, and my other buddy @Marcial_Jimenez; not an MBA yet under his name. By 2014, I hope to have a million pesos ($22,000 USD) monthly and @Marcial_Jimenez to start his MBA in LA.

…and it all started with LP.

You will be seeing more posts with the hashtag #ProjektLA - as we document our journey. Whether or not people also get out and change their life, we will continue, even if it’s just us two. Those interested are welcome to join us. This isn’t for everybody, but this isn’t just about you or me. This is about something much bigger; we can change an entire industry and inspire a lot of lives, but we will only be posting on LPU so other artists and their fans won’t find out (yet) that something like this can and has been done. We want LPU to have that honor. We also want to encourage more fans on LinkinPark.com to come to LPU. However, these posts will obviously only reach those that fate will choose. Those are either people who would stumble upon this and actually want to be part of this journey, or casual LP listeners loving and kind enough to encourage die-hard LP fans, when life leaves us blind.

We eventually want to travel the world with you all and attend almost every LP concert, and we start with LA.

Wherever you may be in this world, whether India, America, Indonesia, Polynesia, Amsterdam, Korea or Manila… you can get up and change your life - see LP live.

Personally, I had to wait 9 years to finally see them live. And I did. After a lot of businesses and persistence. A little over a month ago, I saw the Manila show and met LP too, but I want an encore. I want more. It’s hard, but simple. You must create opportunities. If there are no opportunities around, that could be a sign there is room to create them.

Trust me, my highest educational attainment is (still) only first grade, and I had to do exactly that, in spite of that

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