Prove You Wrong + What The Words Meant


What does everyone think of the two bonus tracks?? Let’s have a poll on which you think is better.

My biggest question is which song do you think Mike is writing about in ‘What The Words Meant’?

  • Prove You Wrong
  • What The Words Meant

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I’m not a fan of either.


I enjoyed both but in my opinion Prove You Wrong is better. Only slightly though.

I don’t think Mike is writing about a specific song in What the Words Meant. I think he is just generally singing about Chester’s music from HB through OML.


What the Words Meant is not about LP. It’s about another artist :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in love with Prove You Wrong :heart: I like the way the song starts off so gently, almost timidly. As he gets halfway through the first verse and into the first chorus, his attitude starts to change-- the style becomes more sure-- resolved and confident in the choice that he’s made to take his career in the direction that he has.

It’s really unfathomable that people still underestimate him and his skills as a musician and artist but I’m glad we’re all still here to support him.


Yea I love, ‘Prove You Wrong’, I think it sounds great on Vinyl!


Def not about C.B.


I prefer to think it is about Chester though. It has more meaning to me than thinking it is about some other random artist.


I thinnk it’s kinda weird for it not to be about Chester. Then again, even when it’s not about you…


I’m sure that was about Chester, but it gave me a different kind of vibe than should have. :sweat:

Concerning the songs, they were OK, though I only listened to PT as many times as you can count on a finger.


I think that Mike would be okay with us interpreting the lyrics and music in a way that suits us as individuals. Musicians typically write music in a way that is relatable without being specific, so we are able to connect with it on a more personal level :slight_smile: If you want it to be about Chester, then for you, it’s about Chester and that’s okay :heart:


I really love both of them, but Prove you wrong is in my opinion a little bit better and I found it sounds like a LP song​:heart::hugs: