ps3 id


Anybody who plays Playstation 3 ?

put here your ID ! my ID is THECHAZYCHAZ

you guys can add me : D


add me: LeonardoMF93
Tell there that you are from LPU!


I added u


anyone plays fifa13?


My ID is: pandoant54


ID: LP_HybridSoldier


i play fifa 12 :frowning: i still gotta get fifa 13 but add me so we can play!! bfountains :slight_smile:


What games does everyone play?

PSN: baconatorUSAF

Playstation= MADDEN 13- NASCAR- MW3- Ace Combat Assault Horizon- Assassins Creed (all of them)- Tiger Woods PGA 13

XBOX 360= Medal of Honor- All HALO games- All Gears of War games- NCAA 13


My ID is TripleXero. The only multiplayer games I have are Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, and I’ll be getting Black Ops 2. I have Sonic Generations, Sonic 4, Sonic CD, and Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 for anyone who wants to compare times and scores

I might have too many friends, if so, send me a message and I’ll remove some people


Mine is: rafaelbraz87