ps3 users


hey guys!
i thought about if there were any of you who had a PSN account?

NO = get one and add me!
YES= add me my ID is “refynbo”.


I have PS3! :smiley: I play Battlefield 3, SSX, and Need For Speed The Run!=) And in May i will buy Ghost Recon Future Soldiers! :smiley:

PSN account: MrOgnoy


my PSN: Demonicgoth


I do. My user name is CactusLover1


I play my PS3 from time to time but not super popular games :P. Add me


I’m from the US of course :smiley:




My PSN is FARFROMSOLDIERS if you want to add me, but I don’t play online all that much.


I have a PSN! lilvendy10


My PSN account is Lord_Basch , feel free to add my, I mainly play Uncharted 3 online. Please, when sending the request, specify u r from LPU, I usually do not add people who I don’t know to my friend list :wink:


I play MW3 the most, but I have other games to play online (such as Uncharted 3, Battlefield, and others)


Hi there :slight_smile:

I have too. My PSN id is: radq

Add me if you want to play a little bit of Skate 2 or 3, and GTA IV :slight_smile:


YES: my ID is pandoant54

Got plenty of games, but I usually play to NHL12 & Gran Turismo 5!


JadeofAllTrades. :smiley: Mostly RockBands or Mortal Kombat [which I suck at. >_>]


Ill add ya!!!