Purchases at the LPU store


Hey guys, so I had made a purchase at the LPU store for the LPU 17 regular bundle. It came to my attention that the We are LPU buttons had been restocked. I already placed my order on Tuesday but I was wondering if it is even possible to add to my order the buttons since I do not want to pay another shipping fee for $2 buttons. Is there anyone I can contact? I tried doing customer support on the website but I am not sure if they will even get back to me. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I would say to email them as you already did, I am not sure if this is everywhere but I got an email this morning saying lp store was doing free shipping through Monday but not sure if lpu counts etc but worth checking


@framos1792 Yeah they are doing free shipping for the LP store but not the LPU store, probably because of the new LPU 17 bundles.