Hi! I’m looking for the former owner of PushingMeAway.com, her name is Nicole. She ran the first ever LP fan website when Linkin Park first broke ground with their debut album. We were both on the NYC street team for Linkin Park at that time, both pre and post Hybrid Theory album drop, and ran in the same circles. Linkin Park also recruited her to help with the first ever launch of the LPU, along with helping host her domain.

Anyways, I’m looking for her to reconnect! It’s been ages since I’ve seen her since I left the music scene in '05, and now I’m taking my teenage brother (who wasn’t even born when LP came out) to see them in their upcoming tour, for his second time. Ain’t life funny that way lol?

So if anyone knows her, knows of her, please help! Thanks so much! :blush:


Sorry, but from what I’ve managed to gather over the past couple of years that I’ve been here is that a massive chunk of old lpu members dispersed. If I’m not mistaken it was down to site changes and other such things. These days we have a relatively small number of regulars (~20) and that’s about it. I’m relatively certain that the Nicole you’re looking for isn’t here, but one of the older members might know more.


IIRC it was pushmeaway.com. I don’t think I’ve seen Nicole around the community since her site shut down around 2008 or so.


I still have contact with Nicole. You can find her on Facebook. .com/nicole.opiola


Epic site, remember those old days…