Question about digital lpu membership


Hi! I 'm new to this forum and to LPU world (i never made the subscription), so I have a question for you: if I do the digital LPU membership, can I purchase the LPU albums from the store (the physical copy I mean)?



As far as I know all memberships give you access to the LPU store, but the CDs and/or mp3 files cost extra (some are only available as mp3s).


For “extra” you mean the price of the single cd (that is not obiouvsly free)?


Yeah. Because some packages if I remember correctly state that you get a CD too but I think that’s if you buy it when it comes out (don’t quote me on that). So in your case if you want to for example buy LPU 12 then you have to pay for a membership and then also pay for the actual CD / mp3 too.