Question about lpu Meet and Greet!


OK so this is kinda stupid but i won meet and greet with linkin park on the 27th in Melbourne Australia i am a new lpu member and have not received my LPU 12 membership package yet it says it could take up to 4 weeks!! just really wanting to know am i still able to attend the event im really worried haha i have my ticket proof and id and day of order printed out so just wanting to know if you need the laminate


take a look here: link


Hey Brandon,

I don’t see it as an issue. You don’t really need to GIVE them anything (I had a Meet and Greet with them last time they were out). If you just print out the email you were sent, it’ll be fine :slight_smile:

See you there!!


Actually, for the Sydney meet and Greet it says “YOU DO NOT need to have an LPU11 membership laminate to attend a meet & greet”

Though, you’ll need three things:

  • Valid ID
  • Print out of the email (saying you won M&G


I can confirm that…just did the M&G in brisbane and just needed the email that they send you.


You’ll be fine, my friend! All they need to see is your ticket, a printout of the email and some form of I.D. No laminate required. See you there!


I hope it’s okay to post here since I didn’t want to start a new thread. Is it too late to sign up to win the M&G? Perth Soundwave


No - you will be fine. They draw the winners a few days before the concert, so as long as you have entered you stand a chance - and with only 35 entries so far you stand a very good chance indeed!!