Question about LPU13 Membership PLEASE ANSWER


Hello everyone,

I’m rick and I’m new to the LPU. Couple a minutes ago I bought a digital membership.
If you click on this link, you will see ''Quantity" below. I selected 2, and bought the membership and created an account.

MY question is:
can I buy 2 passes for the upcoming LPU Summit in Amsterdam, because I selected 2 memberships in terms of Quantity, OR can I only buy 1 pass?

I know they only sell 1 pass per member (for LPU Summits), but since I selected 2 memberships, does that mean I can buy 2 passes for the Summit?

please reply, I need an answer really quick, because the sale for the Amsterdam Summit starts tomorrow!


This question would be best directed to LPU HQ directly. You can email them at

As I understand it though, even if you have selected 2 memberships, they go by the actual member name [thus you can only get one]

I would still email HQ though to be sure.