Question about Meet and Greet!


I have a meet and greet for todays show. I was wondering if the meet and greet starts 3 hours prior ot the first band playing? Or do we have to guess and see if it’s prior to LP’s performance? The email confused me a little bit so I don’t know exactly what time it all goes down so i can let my friend know (Who doesn’t have a M&G) so we can corridinate a right time to meet up becuase i have the tickets… He lives four hours south of me too so i’m kind of stressing this.
Any help would be appreciated!


They will email us about 3 hours prior to the show to let us know what time. We will probably miss seeing Incubus play because from all I’ve heard, we will meet LP right before they go on, so that will be while Incubus is playing.

Heading out now to head to the hotel before we meet up at the venue.


M&Gs typically happen a short time before LP’s set. So you will probably miss all of Mutemath and most of Incubus.


The way they did it last night, we got to see all of Mutemath’s set, but missed almost all of Incubus (only saw the last 2 songs). They had us meet at a staging location at 7:40, then we waited for LP to finish up there media obligations and we got to meet them right around 8:15.


In Detroit our meet and greet ended during Incubus’ last song. We were waiting with Adam starting at 7:40pm for an hour before it started.


For the jones beach M&G, they sent the email early in the day for where to meet and what time. Meeting time was 7:30. Ended up standing in the rain for over an hour. Missed all of incubus and had to go backstage to meet LP around 8:45-8:50. Awesome meeting the band but it was super quick cuz they were running late. Also no group photo :frowning:


I know, It was rushed. I was there


Thanks all. luckily i got to the music center and found out what was going on. and during a 3 hour drive i couldn’t really check my email. but i did end up meeting them. it was a blast!