Question about the Hybrid Theory downlaod festival tracks


So when I bought my tickets to the show at the woodlands I got the deluxe package deal, where I get the CD, digital copy, pit ticket and shirt, do I also get the download festival tracks when they come out? or do I have to buy another copy of the CD?

I can not find anything about this anywhere, please help! Thanks!


Hey riciapants,

If you ordered through directly, it doesn’t matter what you ordered, you will get a digital copy.
If you bought it from another website, you definitely will NOT get a digital copy.


Thanks, yeah I got the email saying that I will get it in August. So that makes me happy. :slight_smile:


Its also available for download through different websites because some fans recorded the whole show


I would like to see a DVD recording coming out soon :slight_smile:


Oh yeah that would be rad. I have seen some of the show from what fans had posted on youtube, but a DVD of it would rock.