Question bout the Berlin Show


Hey guys does anyone kno when the show is support to start or better said when the doors will open? cant find a time



i read 18:30 somewhere, but i’m not sure. :confused:


[quote=Lizzi]i read 18:30 somewhere, but i’m not sure. :confused:

i thought this is the beginning??


yeah friend said somethign bout 6:30 too but no idea if its right n if its the entry time or beginning of the show


That’s what I want to know…
06:30 pm doors open or beginning of the show?


i checked in the venue page but the event isnt listed there yet


I asked Adam…he said it is doors opening time…


I txted telekom bout the time - they said they dont have final times yet but 6:30 will most likely the time the doors open but they will put the times on their page when its official


@wiiesel sorry didnt saw ur post - but thanks for the info :slight_smile: thats what i guessed too since thats the time doors open at most concerts here