Questions about buying Meet & Greet package


Hi everyone! So I am a huge LP fan and have been for the last 17 years, I’ve seen them live 7 times but have never gotten the chance to meet them. I had tickets to see them for their last tour and I actually purchased the Meet & Greet package through Ticketmaster but then the tour got cancelled and I was devastated. I wanted to try and purchase the package again this time for the show in Camden, NJ but now I have questions:

  1. Is it true that even if I pay for the package there is a chance I might not get to meet them because it’s a lottery?
  2. For those of you that have done it, do you think it was worth the amount of money you paid?
  3. It says that my seat will be in the first rows 2-5 of the reserved seating area- is that normally the first rows closest to the stage or the seating can be anywhere?

Thanks everybody!


1- If you buy a MnG package you will be in the MnG.
2- I’ve never bought the package but I do know you get mixed in with all the other people meeting them, it’s not a special separate deal.
3- it’s generally behind or the side of the pit area somewhere, depending on the venue. Seats are usually pretty good.


I bought a M&G package as well. I was told by others that those who purchased a meet and greet will go into a separate M&G with LP before the show (So they are not bunched up with the LPU winners who usually meet them during the first band)
I also heard we get a photo with the band too. Not sure about autographs though. Hopefully more details come out about it.


LP signs for everyone in M&G’s, and yes there will be a photo