Questions about Dallas Concert


So I got the $350 ticket with the guaranteed M&G, using my LPU code. I selected to pick my ticket up at the box office. Does this mean I will be getting all of my merchandise at the box office too? That would be rather inconvenient to hold, is there any way we could get it later/keep it in the lounge/backstage or whatever with our tickets? Along those lines, I would also really like to bring a rather large item to get signed, but only if there exists a place to keep it and pick it up after the show. I know this is far-fetched, but there can’t be that many people with the special M&G tickets right?

Also, my LPU membership expires before the concert. What does this mean for my chances at the other M&G, the hard rock meetups, etc?


If nothing else, I would send a message to Lorenzo, or wait for him to respond here.


Hi there, im not going to the Dallas show but im going to the Houston show. I bought the Deluxe pit tickets with merchandise and I was sent an email that said all LP items will be delivered at the show. It also said that an email would be sent 1week prior with merch details. Seems like an inconvenience to carry all that stuff also. There was an email address you could reply to with any questions! Double check your email.
Hope this helps!
Also, from what ive heard, there is no place to put your stuff that you want to be signed. You have to carry it around with you! Good luck!


U know i never thought about it! but u r right! it would be really inconvenient to carry that stuff around especially going ham in the pit…i got the same package as u did!! I hope to see you September 6th!! :'D