Questions about vinyl collecting. Need help from some experts please


So I’ve become interested over the last year and a half in collecting linkin park vinyls. I’ve never had vinyls before nor do I know much about them. But I do enjoy the cover artwork typically being much larger and also the limited-ness of the colored presses and such. So I’ve been keeping a sharp eye on ebay and collecting what I like and I think at this point is a fair price… (some are way out there)

But what I don’t fully understand is I still see some very high priced to what I guess is my untrained vinyl eye are plain black vinyls. Why would some plain black vinyls be 200+ while others that look basically the same… again my untrained eye be only 25 or 30?

Also some term I see out there that I don’t know typically what it means or stands for “gatefold.” Can someone tell me what or why that is something someone might want or look for in a vinyl?

And also I got a decent list of vinyls I want but anyone got some suggestions for ones I should keep an eye out for?

Here is what I’ve gotten so far:

Living things- white
Meteora- gold
One more light- green
Recharged- clear

Fort minor- coke green
Welcome- deluxe

Want list
Hybrid theory- clear
Colision course- blue
Road to revolution- red spattered
Minutes to midnight- picture
Hybrid theory- rsd
Lpu9 haven’t seen one for sale


Hi! So happy you’re interested in vinyl! Records produce a sound that makes you feel the music inside you. I love it!
Some records that look normal can be more expensive if they are first pressings (first released series) of the vinyl. Or if there is a misprint or a recording error, they can be worth more too.
Gatefold means the record cover opens up and folds out, and there will be more artwork.
There is a great site I use for buying records in USA, let me look it up and I’ll post it on here.



That would be LPU9. Highly doubt you can find one though, whoever got one must be crazy to sell it, only 1000 were made exclusively for the fan club.


It’s on my wish list… I can dream. Haha. And I knew one of the underground ones was but when I was making my list and creating my topic the number excaped me. Plus you wouldn’t think so many ep would be available for sale but they are… but thank you for correcting me on the number. I remember being a member and having an option to buy that and thinking why on earth would I do that? Do they even make record players anymore? Lol


So how would you tell a first release vs a repress? I would assume they would be dated as such? I guess when I saw some of these higher priced ones first press wasn’t something they mentioned…

Man and honestly I was hoping vinyls would be slightly less confusing then all the different cd versions that are out there… I guess it’s the same either way.

I just really don’t like digital music. It’s fine when I’m driving but I like to have and hold a physical piece when I’m home playing music. I always wanted a cd rather then a download. Vinyls are new to me.


Most of the time, the only way you can tell an original or first pressing from a later pressing is by finding the catalog numbers, which are kind of like serial numbers for releases (you can find these online in a database). Compare these numbers to the matrix numbers, which are the numbers printed on the run out grooves of the vinyl itself (the inside edge of the record). This is probably the most accurate way to find out which pressing of a record you have.
If you don’t want to compare matrix numbers, you can look at the year of release, the label, the artwork, and sometimes that will give you a general idea.


Sometimes too, specific pressings can be worth more than the first pressing. For example if they only made a thousand in a certain pressing, or if there is something limited about the album. I wish I knew more specifics about LP records to get into detail.


I guess I’m not too concerned with first editions and such. But that does explain why some that look so similar to others are asking 10x as much. Honestly it almost sounds childish but I’m drawn to pretty colors of the limited presses lol. And I appreciate the info on the gatefold term. Now I know what that means.