Qwerty vs altnc


Both were first performed and presented at a Summer Sonic (2006, 2013), but what do you like more and which kind of music should LP go on to make in their next album 2014???


Qwerty is more rock and hard which is like old school LP.

But ALTNC is more techno sound song, still it is good.

But I heard Mike saying in one recent interview that next album will be totally different than what we expect. So I think it might sound like ATS or LT.


Is this even a question? lol


[arrow] Qwerty


@lpradeeps: I think 'what we expect" is something like LT or ATS… I could imagine that they go a step back to their older days! I mean their concerts just got even more the older style (look at Summer Sonic)


Perhaps what we all expect now is a similar sound to LT, and maybe they’ll throw in that nu metal sound from HT or Meteora in a couple of songs.

If it sounds like HT or something completely different or along the lines of A Thousand Suns, I’m sure it’ll be sick. I’m psyched either way.

I am a fan of the sound of ALTNC but, if I had to choose a preference, I’d go QWERTY.


I like both songs enormously. But I LOVE Qwerty! :slight_smile:

And I hope we’ll be blown away by the next album. Though I would love more songs like: When They Come For Me, Wretches and Kings, Debris - or something totally new!
I cannot wait to hear the new album!


QWERTY for sure. ALTNC simply sucks too much.


I whould like to hear something completly new, or if they made something dark like the sound&lyrics on ‘‘Out Of Ashes’’ By Dead By Sunrise, that had been cool. But if they make it like either ATS or LT, im okey with that, because ATS and LT are still awsome!!!. But If they are going back a knot, I hope they go back to the MTM era, but with more heavy songs like: Given Up,Bleed It Out,No More Sorrow and Behind Your Lies(QWERTY), But I whould also like songs like: No Roads Left,What We Don’t Know and Blackbirds!! :wink:
I don’t actually hope they include more techno, electronica I’m fine with!!
Who whould like to see them releasing a album like Out Of Ashes??


I like both but I love qwerty more. ALTNC really makes me want to dance I like it! Qwerty makes me want to rock out out and go crazy like BY sandboxed stuff! We all expect different things like that they’ll go older stuff or like LT or ATS, so we will just have to be surprised in 2014 I personally think they will do like LT but an a heavier level!


This time there’s a high chance that LP releases an album like meteora or Hybrid Theory again. Chester said that Mike hears Metal and punk a lot and mike said it won’t sound as we would expect it does. I think ‘what we expect’ is something like LT or ATS…
That’s why I think LP goes a huge knot back, but i also hope they do! I really love LT and ATS and i wouldn’t have anything against a ‘new Living Things’, but some hard stuff would be awesome!


Hard to compare because Qwerty is essentially the heaviest direction that LP ever went into in terms of hard rock/metal. A Light That Never Comes is essentially the heaviest direction that LP ever went into EDM music. I’d have to go with Qwerty, because it brings back many great memories, and I prefer the hard rock/metal sound over the EDM sound. Both great tracks, though.


QWERTY! 'Cause this song was made in old school style.It reminds Hybrid Theory and Meteora times. So rhythmic, saucy, hardcore song. It kindles fire inside you, makes move on. I love It!
And what about A light That Never Comes…I can’t say the same. ALNC is also good, but not as good as Qwerty. Too much electronic, too much noise.


Definitely QWERTY. It’s an easy question for me since I love guitars and don’t like house (or whatever it is).




It would be nice to see a combination of both. But you never know, wasn’t Linkin Park made based on musical differences between members? [biggrin]


All in one everybody prefer QWERTY to A light that never comes…


ALTNC because QWERTY was the biggest troll song ever.

Rumors of new sound on the new album…LP releases QWERTY. people go nuts. Then we get a completely different sound on M2M. Troll song. yup.


I’m not crazy about either of them… I dislike the chorus of ALTNC but I do like the verses, and those EDM elements don’t really bother me. I’d say QWERTY is more interesting to listen to. Again, I don’t like the chorus very much, but I think I like the song structure better. I don’t know… I guess I’m still going to pick ALTNC because of the verses.

As for the next album, I don’t really care which direction they go to. I would love another album structured like ATS! And I would definitely like to hear some rapping. There’s been rap on all of their albums, though, so I don’t think they’d give it up all of a sudden. I don’t know, I would like to hear something new and fresh. LT sounded very fresh in my opinion. If they released another album like HT or Meteora, that would sound fresh too, I think, at this point. I don’t know. But I’m waiting for the new record eagerly. :slight_smile:


QWERTY [heart]