R.I.P. Chester Bennington


My heart broke In Pieces, my soul feels like a Castle Of Glass. My body feels Numb yet I feel my nerves Crawling and screaming From The Inside wanting all of this to dissapear! Chester Bennington will always have Somewhere He Belongs and that’s our hearts. His voice were always there throught the toughest times when no one else wanted to. He filled my ears, body and soul with music since 1999. His voice had saving me from the dark times, Giving me hope and teaching me to be stronger. I knew nothing more than Linkin Park! Many “Fans” stopped listening to their music because it wasn’t like it used to be but I loved it as always… Chester’s voice will now be Burning In The Skies, In our hearts and in our souls…Rest In Peace Chester and Leave Out All The Rest…
You will be missed… and In The End everything mattered…

My Chester Bennington art :desktop_computer:

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