Rain - a poem by me


Looking out the window
Staring at the dark streets
Only little light from the street lamps
Showing falling rain

She’s sitting in the dark room
Thinking about what was
Thinking about what is
And what will be

The past is dark
Covered in pain and misery
The present is misty
Covered in sadness and good times

The future is ahead
But she knows
She knows the dark clouds are fading

She sees them being there
But almost gone
She wants to be happy
And she’s got a hope

She opens the door and take a step outside
She breathes in the fresh air
She feels the raindrops on her face
She smiles and takes the step forward

Into the new world
Into new opportunities
Into the unknown future
That welcomes her with open arms


Great poem. :sunglasses: :blue_heart:


Love it. :slightly_smiling_face:


@rorybourdon now this is very uplifting and there is always hope. I am proud of you!!!





I love it when you write about positive things ! That’s my new favorite poem :heart_eyes: