Ran into Phoenix


I was having dinner with my girlfriend at The Spectrum on 7/20/12… Of all places I’m sitting across from Phoenix! He was having dinner with his wife. I was totally StarStruck for sure!
I went up to him and told him that I was a HuGe Fan of Linkin Park and told him that I’ve been to three concerts and is looking fowadr to their concert at the Home Depot Center Sept. 8th. I told him that I follow him, Mike, and Linkin Park on twitter, facebook, and instagram! He asked me what my name was and he shook my hand and said, “Thank you” I asked if he didn’t mind if I took a pict with him, he didn’t mind at all. After we took a picture, I told him that Living Things is such an awesome cd and that they did a good job with it, He said, "Cool thanks!“
That night was definitely an " UNFORGETABLE NIGHT!!!” He had such a cool attitude and such a kick back guy.


Thats awesome. I share a birthday with Phoenix, and if I get picked for the M&G im gunna tell him that.


Nice!!! Yah he was totally now to earth! I was really expecting him to have an attitude because he’s having dinner with his wife, I was invading his privacy… I did wait till they were done of course… I thought it was cool when they were getting ready to leave, they both gave me eye contact and waved bye!


Awwwwwwwwww!!! Amazing.


Omg! He is my favourite member of the band. If I ever met him I’ll tell him I want one of his tattoo stencils so I can get it on my back or shoulder :stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe I’ll just ask him to sign on paper and get a tattoo of his signature :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice! [biggrin] Would you show us your pic?


That is so awesome!!! You’re so lucky!!!


Aaaah I wanna be as lucky as you!
I’m so jealous :F


That is awesome man! I would love to run into someone from the band in person. Most likely won’t happen since I live all the way on the East coast in New Jersey and they live in LA lol


That is so awesome and you’re so lucky. Thanks for sharing your story and it is really nice to know he’s such a cool guy. He’s always so nice to the fans! Bless him. :slight_smile:




It’s a great thing when someone of celebrity status will go out of their way to interact with fans, even if they’re enjoying a quiet evening with their wife. Good for you!


Congratsssss :slight_smile: I would be the same as you when I saw him, sad that I live in Hong Kong:(


[quote=Shoegaze4u]Nice! [biggrin] Would you show us your pic?


Yah, I was so nervous and so StarStruck that I even forget to ask for his autograph! I was trying to gather what to say before I went up to him… Haha
I ran into stars before but never made it a big thing but since I’m such a huge fan of Linkin Park, I would never thought I would meet any of the members unless I was lucky enough to be picked
for a M&G… I really want to meet Mike or Chester, they are my favorites…
The pic of me & Phoenix is now my profile pic on here… [biggrin]


The guys are really very kind. Cool. I’am happy for you :slight_smile:


The guys are really very kind. Cool. I’am happy for you :slight_smile:


That’s so cool :smiley: Phoenix is my favourite follow on twitter! You are so brave – I wouldn’t have known what to do!


You’re a lucky girl


That’s really awesome! :slight_smile: Yeah, I know I would’ve been nervous if I had seen any of the guys with their family- that’s awesome that he was all chill about it. ^^ He was probably just thankful that you waited until dinner was done too, haha. But yeah, major congrats! :smiley: