Random Poll Thread


You chose Batman!!! Your vote goes for me!!! :scream: you chose Charles :scream::crazy_face:


I am sorry… :confused:
But no…I secretly work for snasa…or…secret nasa
Truth is…there’s an alien invasion coming straight for earth
We have made contact and have come to the conclusion is that the only way we will be able to appease them is for either desdpool or, Batman-myself- to sing this as they approach
I don’t know how or why, it’s just how the aliens get down :crazy_face:
So you see…the fate of the world rests in your hands…choose now or perish at the alien’s hands :ghost:


Thanks for the laugh @framos1792 That is the best reply ever :joy::joy::joy::joy: I’ll take my chances with the aliens. What I didn’t tell you is I AM the alien you are talking about :sunglasses:


Ok, I vote for both.


I’m still finding this hilarious. :joy:


Where’s your version? :smiling_imp:


I’m not claiming to be good at singing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Neither are we!! Lmao this was all in joke :joy:
Neither of us had ever sung public ally or shown people :no_mouth:
Lily has heard me before and my two younger brothers but that’s it :joy:
That’s where the fun is for us lol


I thought you said it got serious on WA?


Well serious in relation to our petty name calling arguments :joy:


This exactly. Its more like “serious” with us, everyone knows we only joke on things, and we thought this would be just that, another joke lol. I don’t claim to be a good singer either, cause I know I’m not, but there’s no shame in having a good laugh about something like this.


As I said somewhere :
“the antidepression soldiers”: 1 laugh per day keeps the depression away
:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy:
I did a rhyme!!! :relieved:


Both good but had to go with @framos1792 :grin:


I knew I would lose this :roll_eyes: lol


Can you do Numb next??


:rofl: I’m sorry, but even though its my favorite, I’m horrible at numb.


Lol Faint???


Uhh, that went even further down. Only Chester can scream the way he does it.


Hey hey hey
We said we had to make this humorous
Us butchering ourselves on numb and faint are up our alley :rofl:


True! It was worth a try :laughing: