Random Poll Thread


Had to vote beer because I never had wine


Alright let’s do a deeper one

  • Complete safety, but limited freedom
  • Complete freedom, but limited safety

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Like this one!! :love_you_gesture: :v: :grin:


In most instances, health and safety is a massive thorn in my side.


How come??


It just stops the fun or wastes my time. Case in point: the labs in uni, you can’t do jackshit until you’ve filled out every possible form and signed your soul away, that’s why I always work at home. It’s part of the reason why you wait 2.5h in theme parks over here to ride rollercoasters. It’s also part of the reason why roadworks take so fucking long, because all they ever do is have healthy and safety meetings and tea breaks.


Hahaha good points, never looked at those things from a safety perspective.


Choose your fighter

  • Gecko Pecko
  • Black Menace
  • Pointy Boi
  • Stabo The Crabo
  • Monkey Bizness
  • Rhino Threat
  • Cock With A Glock
  • Siege
  • Hopper With A Chopper
  • Cat With A Gat

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  • Sir Stabbingworth
  • Ol’ Six-Blades
  • The Mysterious Stranger
  • Mister Mittens
  • The Dragon
  • Lumberjack Leonard

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Lol, nice polls :joy::joy::joy:




Weird question, spawned in the WA chat. Have you ever licked or stuck a 9V battery across your tongue? And I mean the terminals, not the casing.

  • Yes
  • No

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Curious to see if we have more on here that have lol


It’s a more a question of who wants to own up to it. LOL


Nope but I have licked some other weird stuff though


I voted wrong :persevere: I was trying to vote batman but the poll has your names the other way round hahaha


Just curious. Which mobile phone do you own?

  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • Nokia
  • other
  • none

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I own a Samsung, but I’d be happy with anything non-Apple. I got the Samsung on a good deal.


Next related questions:

Are you satisfied with your phone?

  • yes, entirely
  • no, not at all
  • partially, would change
  • partially, but wouldn’t change

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What on your phone is problematic or insufficient the most?

  • battery drain
  • lame camera
  • looks terrible
  • slow
  • bad display
  • broken display
  • broken phone or not working anymore
  • too small
  • too large
  • too old
  • too expensive
  • not so fancy
  • shitty system, low usability
  • other problem (write in comments which :slight_smile: )
  • no problem, I just want another
  • no problem, I don’t want another
  • I just want a new one

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:joy::joy: suuuuuure! That broke my heart to see your vote :sleepy::sob: lol


Mine’s just glitchy, notifications have a mind of their own and updates only serve to kill the battery. Oh, and most apps are broken AF, but that goes for every phone.