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Another related question:

How old is your phone?

  • 0-1 year
  • 1-2 years
  • 2-3 years
  • 3-5 years
  • more than 5 years (you have my deepest admiration)

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Memory is not big enough and the standard apps take up too much space. That’s my only complaint. Is this a research?


For me, I think my camera is fine but i’m a bit disappointed because the last phone i had (it was a LG Nexus 5X), it had a better camera than my new phone (Samsung Galaxy S8). When i try to zoom in on something with my samsung, the picture is more pixelated than the same picture with my LG. I didn’t expect it from the samsung because their advertising are about great camera all the time. (or maybe i don’t use it properly, i don’t know.)


iPhone pictures are beautiful :relieved::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No research, I’m just curious :smiley: And I like to create new polls :smile:


Apple is a sect :joy::grin::hugs:


:roll_eyes: says the samsungite :roll_eyes::grimacing::yum::joy::hugs:




Says the cyborg/computer/machine


…/avid loather of crapple.


This fight :joy: though I have to agree with @the_termin8r, Apple sucks at compatibility and releasing “new” products. If it weren’t for the slick designs and interfaces and their marketing machine, they’d fall behind, like real quick


It’s the UI that annoys me most about anything made by them. Then it’s the usually sub-par hardware that isn’t priced lower than the better stuff and the idiotic design decisions like removing jack ports and SD slots.


I can agree with your statement :roll_eyes: compatibility is horrendous…that’s my biggest gripe but it’s a reliable product and sleek… I value the reliability the most so I like them

As to the headphone jack and sd slot, wired headphones are a p.i.t.a and more and more Bluetooth ones are coming out, and I’ve got a 256gb memory-I don’t need to add more to that haha
The interface is clean… :man_shrugging:t2:


And totally stupid. How many menus do you have to dig through to get to basic settings for things like the EQ? Not to mention that all of their phone EQs are garbage as you can’t set a custom one.


I had a LG before, not a Samsung. And before LG, I had a Nokia. It’s my first Samsung. :roll_eyes::grin::hugs:


I’d say that’s just familiarity with the system itself…
you give me an android and idk wtf I’m doing on it til after a few days…


:thinking: well then…touchè :joy::joy::joy::yum::hugs:


Well look what a discussion I started :blush:

About the UI on iPhones - it might be actually true that it’s getting worse. I do a lot of research in UX and usability, I know that in the past they had many usability rules to abide in the design, but the list is getting shorter and shorter every year. I read a lot of stuff about usability experts talking about low discoverability of features etc.


With android, there’s a settings option in every app. That means that you don’t have to exit the app, open a totally differet app and dig through 5 sub menus to find what you were looking for.


Well…again I agree… :roll_eyes: or I’d say there’s a learning curve that wasn’t present before with the new os…