Random Poll Thread


The settings are wide open though and if you screw something up without knowing where it was, by the time you get it right you’ve already screwed other stuff up lol

I’m saying this from my parents perspective- Thet has androids and kept turning airplane mode on, tripping out every setting imaginable lol… with the iPhones it’s a bit clearer knowing if you’re screwing something uo


How was it? I wanted to buy it so much, about 3 years ago, but I ended up with a cheaper Moto X Play.

Funny story about that Moto: it fell on the road while I was trying to make a movie of how hard I’m going into the hill ON A BIKE, the display broke to 1000 pieces. I know, lame and stupid and rofl… Well, that’s me lol :rofl:

Then I ordered a new display, got it switched at home, but the battery got screwed in the process. Then we ordered new batteries but the phone wouldn’t charge… So not only I threw the money out of the window but I had no phone too, so lame :joy: So I got a new one, RIP Moto… :pray:


:thinking: I think you were bored tonight and decided to start this poll to create chaos with the argument :face_with_raised_eyebrow::scream::joy::joy::joy:


No, that wasn’t my smallest intention :slight_smile:


It was your biggest? :joy::joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue:


No :joy::joy::joy: I just love polls, phones and gadgets… And this is the result :joy:

  • 1- CD / vinyl
  • 2- Digital copy

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How do you accidentally switch flight mode on and not know it? It’s a big button and the phone tells you it’s in flight mode.


Ask them :joy::joy: I asked plenty of times :joy::joy::joy:


I started getting vinyls lately :heart_eyes: I think I enjoy the artwork more :joy:


@framos1792 @the_termin8r It’s all about what you’re used to, the real usability’s usually shown after a long time of using…


I don’t buy vinyls because I’m not a hipster I don’t have a record player and they take up more space than CDs as well as having a shorter life span.


I’ve had the greatest displeasure of using lots of apple devices and all of them drive me mad, I’m used to their shit UI because I’m the one sorting out the rest of the family’s ipad problems and my sister’s iphone problems.


Well my CDs had mildew, vinyls lasted longer, so I have to disagree :slight_smile: And the sound is so much better!! (if you have a good music system)


They’ve been fun for me :upside_down_face:
I’ve been hanging them in my room as decoration :joy:


That’s your fault for not storing them properly, with correct usage and storage, a CD will essentially last forever, but a vinyl won’t.


and that’s UX :smiley:
And do you only use iPhones or did you use Android first? Your first UI shapes you :slight_smile:


Well… agreed with @the_termin8r … for this I don’t use much my vinyls…


Yesterday was my first time ever listening to vinyl :heart_eyes:


First time???! :flushed:
Congrats! Lol