Random Poll Thread


maybe :slight_smile: although they were in a dry place…
Wait, do we mean those large black plate as vinyls right? They are from plastic too, if you have proper needle and gramophone, they last pretty much all your life (and the life of your children) :slight_smile:


It’s because I picked up my friend’s iphone 3G for 10 mins that my first proper phone was an andriod.


wow, congratulations!! :smiley:

Edit:why not LP??? :smiley:


Because he doesn’t have? :laughing:


Yes, but there’s still physical contact, a vinyl (by design) has to be scratched to function properly. This is a simple case of ME being inferior to EE as usual. :smirk: :stuck_out_tongue:


Well that’s the first thing you buy when you have a gramophone :joy:


I agree :slight_smile: Still, the sound :heart_eyes:


I loved it, the pictures have a very good quality but a huge problem usually happens after two years and you lost everything on your phone if you send it to the after sales services. But if you don’t send it for repairs, you can’t switch on your phone anymore. It happens to a lot of people, I saw it on the web when i had this problem.


In the nicest way possible… sincerely… :fu: :joy::stuck_out_tongue: jk

Don’t go there, considering the me had vinyls running decades before the ee even got his chance :joy:
A stranded ee will be effed, whereas the me will figure it out :wink:


Yes :joy::joy::joy: I hadn’t even seen vinyl :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

And @mish3lka, I have mikes pt, but the LP is on the way :sweat_smile: mtm was the first thing I ordered :grimacing:
I just started buying the vinyls at the concerts and RA was the first I opened :sweat_smile:


Nicely said :slight_smile:
Btw I recommend buying a diamond needle, it’s the best on market :slight_smile: Damages the vinyl as little as possible :slight_smile:


I think someone is suffering from what I call Woody Syndrome. :joy:


Ever heard a vinyl on a good quality sound system, @the_termin8r? :slight_smile:


No, but a CD will also sound good on a good quality sound system. That argument is invalid.


It’s not an argument, I don’t argue :slight_smile: You should try, it’s a difference :slight_smile: Without offence, really :slight_smile:


High quality vinyl setups cost money. I’m happy with my decent CD setup right now.


I know, that’s why we have a good old Tesla, we got it from our friends :slight_smile: I dream of a vacuum tube one :heart_eyes: maybe after I’m dead lol :smile:

I didn’t say buy, just when you have an opportunity, maybe a friend or so, definitely try it :slight_smile:


Wait, you play your records on a Tesla coil? That’s not exactly good sound quality, quite buzz-y. I should know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not at all, it’s a high quality Tesla system from the 80s - gramophone, repro and amplifier, not the shits they manufacture today :wink: They were used in a restaurant before but we got it as a gift.

No buzzy, just a clear sound and your have a feeling that the music is played by the band right in your room, you feel exactly where is each of the musicians standing :slight_smile:


Same here, with every new release I want to get, I buy both cd and vinyl now.