Random Poll Thread


My grades in highschool started to slip because of it, a lot of the time it was all I could look forward to in a day.


A few recent events had me questioning this so I figured I’d make it into a poll here.

In your friend groups, which friend are you?

  • The leader (they all seem to follow you, whether you want them to or not)
  • The parent (the one that occasionally kills the fun and keeps everyone in check)
  • The asset (you’re a tool, a resource, your friends tend to use you for all manner of things, but you don’t typically have a greater purpose)
  • The tool (the other kind of tool, not the useful type)
  • The joker (always making jokes, whether they [or the time] is appropriate)
  • The distant one (you’re sort of there, but you’re sort of not, you tend to get forgotten about more often than not)
  • The American (loud, brash, kind of annoying a lot of the time)
  • The average one (you exist, don’t typically stand out, but you’re a regular)
  • The psychologist (you deal with all the emotional problems)
  • The psycho (no explanation needed)
  • Other (post below)

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I am kinda also the weirdo in many friendships I had


:confused: kinda makes you want to reevaluate your priorities/outlook :thinking::joy:


That’s what I’ve been doing in my forced down time today. :joy:


This was hard for me because I could fit in a lot of them


Nice classification :joy::joy:


I’m mostly the supporter and listener, but not really the psychologist. Also, “The American” :joy:


Here’s another random one. Out of all my friends, I seem to be the only that carries cash (as well as cards obviously). I’m just curious if this is exclusive to my friends or if carrying cash for some reason has become a rarity.

So, do you carry cash? And I don’t mean loose change, I mean enough to buy yourself lunch with and have a bit left over.

  • Yes
  • No

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LMAO, is even this drifting from people now?


I think this poll’s broken. :joy:

I don’t follow. What do you mean by drifting?


Couldn’t think of a word, but I meant that its surprising to hear people not carrying money now, like why wouldn’t you? Lol


Ah. I kid you not, I have a friend in uni who refuses to carry cash and pays exclusively with his phone. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him use a card either. I’ve asked him why he doesn’t carry cash. His excuse is that pretty much all shops and such places have NFC machines, despite me having to bail him out of a few pounds here and there on occasion lol. It’s even funneir the next day when he pays me back and he says that that’s the first time he’s been to a cash point in ages. :joy:


Well yeah, somehow I forgot about that, digitally paying for things using your phone that is. You have to think, after it gets so far along, that concept will probably take over, and there won’t be anymore paper money. People are going overboard with technology honestly. Some things are useful yes, but others just aren’t even necessary to have. But that’s the 21 century for you. :roll_eyes:


I can’t stand the phone thing. It takes ages (slower than NFC cards) as you have to pull out your phone, switch the NFC feature on (maybe open an app in some cases), then touch your phone to the scanner and wait a few secs as a process first occurs in your phone and then in the scanner. If the phone was completely ready and you just walked up and touched it, a card would still be faster. And what happens when your phone is out of juice or you have no wifi or mobile data available?


Oh my god that’s disgusting :scream:
@lpfan61 we got to teach everything…:laughing:


Nice you show up! :hugs:

@the_termin8r you’re the target of aaaaall Italians… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I use cash as much as I can. I don’t want all of my purchases to be digitally stored and traceable


Not an issue for me since I know you’ll all change side half way through. LMAO :joy:

Wow, paranoid much? :joy:. Though, to be fair, I also use cash when I don’t want something appearing on my bank statements since my parents give them a look-over occasionally.


:flushed: What does it mean??! I don’t change side :triumph: