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WW2 joke. :joy:


Ah…ups… :see_no_evil:


I use my phone for everything (besides transport, still use my oyster for that). I just carry around £10 in cash just in case. It’s easier for me to just pull my phone out instead of digging through my bag looking for my wallet.


I noticed that the last time we met, but I don’t get people (like my friend) who only use their phone and don’t have backup cash.

Jacket pockets?


My wallet is massive, doesn’t fit in pockets :stuck_out_tongue:


That big? Is it one of those women’s one that looks like a battery pack?

This kind of thing:


Similar to this yeah.


A good amount of the time I don’t. However, I will get some if I know it will be needed.


I use phone because it’s almost always in my hands or quick pocket. I never turn NFC off, so… its faster than searching for my wallet somewhere in my bag, which is somehow usually the last thing I take out.

Moreover, in Slovakia, if you pay more than 20 euros, you have to enter pin if you use card. With phone, fingertip scanner does the work very quickly and painlessly, which I just love.

I carry just a small amount of money with me for emergencies. Our banks take quite a lot of money for each withdrawal so we use as little cash as possible. I know it’s not ideal because el. payments are traceable etc. but we need to save to pay our mortrage… And for me the benefits are worth giving up on a bit of my economic privacy.


I still agree with Rob though, if your phone gets broken, you lose it, etc, money would be good to have.


If you had to choose, what would you rather do:

  • jump into water from 20m height
  • run until you faint
  • play cards to win or lose everything you own
  • fall into a spider’s pit (lots of spiders)
  • take care of a very old person (diapers and poop and everything)

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The jump is the only one that sounds fun.


Not so fun when you try it :smiley:


You wanna bet? :stuck_out_tongue: I agree that it would get boring after like 3 jumps.


I was trying high jump when I was in Norway, there was this large covered swimming pool. I thought it will be super fun because I’m very much on adrenaline stuff and all, I always wanted to try it. It looked fun until I climbed that ladder and jumped a few times. The pool made each height look twice as high. 5 meters was ok, although you had to be careful how you jump, otherwise your whole body hurts (no splashing, but still). The 10m I tried only once but I tell you, it’s fun but it’s mega scary when you’re falling and it hurts when you dive :slight_smile:


Heights are not an issue for me, just the drowning at the end.


Yes, that’s the problem :slight_smile: I don’t have a problem with heights either but this is something different, you just have to try it, then you know :slight_smile:


You can’t even write comprehensively here? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::confused: can’t think of the worddddd :roll_eyes:
Just teasing haha

Anyway I actually hate cards and nfc
I carry cash 90% the time and use cards and phone as backup if I forget my wallet or something


Like how you don’t have trouble jumping off a building’s roof? You just have trouble stopping/landing?