Random Poll Thread


I didn’t notice MPH, so my vote doesn’t count :man_facepalming:
I guess my normal speed is around 4.8 KPH, but sometimes I walk quicker


You can change it you know. Just click on ‘hide results’ and vote again. Lol

EDIT: @raz7, I don’t believe you. :joy: 6+ is my beast mode speed where I cover a mile in 10 mins.


It is only when I have music on.


The poll was for your regular speed, not your top speed, otherwise I’d be up there too. lol


Well, I don’t know. Maybe you can help me. I Tend to walk 1 Km in 15 minutes or so. When I’m in a rush I need 6-7 minutes, when I walk slow until 22 minutes in 1 Km.

How do I do the calculation?


Well if 1km in 15 is your normal pace, just multiply by 4 as there’s 4 x 15 mins in an hour. So 4 KPH.


Thanks. Now I feel I walk slow :confused:


It’s not too bad, my slow speed is 3 MPH, my regular is 4, my fast is 5 and my beast is just over 6.


Just for curiosity. Who will be the fastest one between you, @rickvanmeijel and I?


Depends on what type of walking and the conditions. I can do 1 mile bursts of 6 MPH with a heavy bag on and walk indefinitely at 4 (again with a bag on). If I ditch the bag, I can go at 5 indefinitely and 6+ for bursts of about 1.5 miles.


@IronSoldier16 Terminator is probably fastest :sweat_smile:


Probably becuase I’m used to it, if you spent your life walking quickly, we’d be evenly matched. It’s physically difficult for me to walk slowly. My sister nearly keeled over the other day trying to keep up with me for 1 km. :joy:


I remember that once we were talking about walking fast and you were faster than me. Also I guess that Rob and I can walk at the same speed, what I mean is that you can be faster than us.


Do you troll telemarketers?

  • Yes
  • No

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I just don’t pick up the call! :joy:


You’re missing out on the fun.


I don’t pick up either, and I usually block the number after.


I block after I troll. lol


Sometimes I will.


me too :slight_smile: I don’t have the nerves for them :slight_smile: