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2014? When I saw the specs on WA, I was thinking pre-2010. I didn’t even know they still made Pentiums.


Yes… I think it’s one of the last one built like that…


I don’t see the point in touch screen computers unless it’s some fancy hi-tech machine that actually works properly and has a purpose. I could get mine with touch screen but decided against it since it can really f*ck it up.

Battery wise, mine is dead, it has to be plugged in constantly.


Yes, it is. And I’d certainly like to have an SSD. But I won’t buy a new disc into a school computer for my money, so I’m waiting for them to buy me one (or for the notebook to die) :laughing:

Well I didn’t either. But I got one for free and now I think it’s a useful tool sometimes. Just sometimes. I wouldn’t use it full-time. But it’s good to “peck” into it every now and then, mainly when browsing and doing repeating klicking jobs (dialogs on different places etc). For me, touch is like a key shortcut, you don’t use it everyday, but sometimes it speeds your work a bit.

Actually I would maybe use it much more often for computer graphics, but I’d need a pen… Which I don’t have, so…


I’m a bit confused, who’s ‘them’?

Depending on the type you want, you can get fairly cheap ones. But the one thing I will caution you with is opening the laptop, as I found yesterday with my old HP, unless there’s a dedicated hatch for the component, opening the laptop is a total pain.


It’s a company computer, bought by the school where I work :slight_smile:

My colleagues did this already on another computer like this. But it costs about 100euros, which I currently don’t want to invest into a thing that’s not really mine.


Ah, so it’s not fully yours. Understood.

Definitely, or you could mod it and then take back the parts when you give it back or when it dies. :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s not worth the trouble.


Yes. And usually after some time you cannot sell any such parts anymore …


I have a desktop so it always has to be plugged in


‘‘Sod off’’ LOL!


I just realised I forgot to set the brand poll to show who voted. It’s not a deliberate thing, though it might be better for the anonymity of Apple owners (@NickGr) :joy:


Thanks for engineering the data security and anonymity :joy::joy:


Mines a Samsung desktop and an acer laptop.


Going over the results, it seems the most common for now are i5 laptops with 8GB RAM. I expected to see more desktops, I also didn’t expect to see anyone with 32GB RAM (@melisLP going harcore :joy:), I’ll be joining that club in a couple of months. :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy cow 32GB? What’s that for?


In my case, just because overkill. I really don’t need it, nor do I need the crazy SSD I’ll be upgrading to (I need a bigger one, but I can go for worse and cheaper), but I just want to max out the laptop for the sake of it. Technically I’ll be maxing out the RAM, I can go even bigger on the SSD (for a lot more money) and I can buy another 4TB SSD to replace the HDD. So I can go to a combined storage of about 6TB or over, but it’ll cost a fortune. :joy:


Wouldn’t do that, you’ll never fill up all that storage room!


Exactly, the 4TB alone costs just under a grand. I’m going for a 960GB NVMe beast and keeping the 1TB HDD as is. I can also go for a bigger battery, but it means ditching the HDD because it takes up the space .


This is another one that started from a conversation with friends. I’m starting to think that it might just be something that only I do.

Do you wash your hands when you get home after you’ve been out?

  • Yes
  • No

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I thought I was the only weird one… :joy: