Random Poll Thread


No idea about how much RAM it uses… and for RAM my phone suggests this emoji :ram:


RAM = Random Access Memory (often just called memory). When you open task manager, look at how much your browser is using.



Alright- gonna check …


i have no idea how to do that on my mac…so may take me a while to find out lol


No idea about the RAM but I use Firefox because it’s most reliable regarding privacy. Or at least they say so


@evooba and @framos1792 , which Chrome extensions do you guys run (if any)?


None, I barely use my laptop as it is.


Hmm, I thought the increased RAM usage might correlate to extensions, because I run 5.

Please don’t tell me you’ve moved to the dark side and only use your phone.


No, I use my iPad a lot. One of the major perks is that I can be in bed covered in blankets while using it,
I do use my phone quite a lot too though but not when I’m home.


Ok, so not quite the full dark side. :stuck_out_tongue:


Another one spawned of a WA debate.

What device do you prefer to do most of your work on?

  • PC
  • Phone

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Phones are sooooo tiny for it :scream::scream: How can we work on it?!


Ask @chigokurosaki, he’s the one that doesn’t own a PC because he says that if he did, he still wouldn’t use it. :joy:


Work is one thing, but you were talking about everything else too. If its something important, I can see using a pc, but if not, then i’d rather use a phone.


I think it depends on the type of work you do bec pretty much everything I do requires a computer and cannot be done on my phone.


My phone is a pain even for general use.


Phones are hard to do much of anything on


I guess it also depends on what type of phone you have and how big it is. My phone is fairly small compared to most of the new ones so it’s hard to be super precise on it.


Its surprising to see how many complaints are being made about phones. I have almost no trouble with mine, and the things that are aren’t anything to severe.


Try writing a paper on a phone then you can talk