Random Poll Thread


See this


I don’t have a PC at the time or I would have :joy:


See, even someone that used to use only a phone is saying that PC is better. :joy:


I don’t have any trouble using my phone. I mostly surf the web, use social media, or play games on it. But for work, which the initial question asked about, I prefer a PC.


And that’s fine.


I work on a pc. Everything else i do on my Phone. But i have to admit that size matters :joy:


Maybe I should have used different phrasing. By ‘most of your work’ I meant general use or majority use.


Well in that case it would be my phone bec I carry it around with me everywhere. My laptop is much larger and is much more inconvenient for me to use for simple tasks such as checking emails or looking something up.


Quick poll. Generally speaking, when listening to music, do you mostly pay attention to the sounds and instruments or to the lyrics and its message?

  • Sounds and instruments
  • Lyrics and message

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Sounds and instruments first, lyrics and message then if it’s not in french.
When it’s a french song, it’s often the contrary.


Sounds and instruments first… if I don’t like how it sounds I won’t listen to it/them… If the song has a good message it’s better, but if it has a great message but a bad sound (according to my taste), I won’t listen to it…


What if we pay attention to both? Its usually the lyrics first for me, since i’m unable to really care for any songs that don’t have real meaning to them, and i want to know what i’m listening to. But I pay attention to the sounds as well, primarily the drums aince they have my interest more.


That’s nice! :thinking: but… and if you don’t like the song as a whole (music and words)?


Then why listen to it? :joy:


For me I listen for both but when I listening to music the lyrics have to mean something to me or I just can’t listen to it. But it’s important for both the lyrics and instrumental to go hand and hand a good song has ethier great instrumentals or lyrics but a great song has both


I like both but the lyrics and message are the most important. I find it hard to jam or relate to a song when I don’t personally believe in its message. That’s why I’m not a fan of mainstream rap or pop. Too generic of a message. I do appreciate a dope or wavy instrumental though. I just need a balance in my music.


Both :grinning:


I’d say both, but since I had to choose I chose Lyrics and message. But I’m thinking exactly the same as @StephLP18


I’m indecisive as always and not able to vote.
Sometimes option one, sometimes the other, sometimes both.


Interesting results. I expected more votes for sounds and instruments than lyrics and message, so I’m surprised to see it’s the other way around :slight_smile:

Same for me!