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I like peanuts but don’t like peanut butter because when i eat peanut butter, i feel like i’m eating grease and it’s not a good feeling in my point of view. :joy: When i eat peanuts, it’s crunchy so i don’t feel the same.


There is crunchy peanut butter. I prefer the creamy variant, so I’ve never tried it but I know some people who eat it and love it. Since its crunchy it might be closer to the texture of eating peanuts.


It’s a very British thing. It’s just yeast extract, looks like very dark caramel, is made of 7000% salt. Very polarising, you either love or hate it, that’s their entire marketing campaign.


Bet i’m the only one here who refridgerates peanut butter though.


I’m intrigued, whats better than Nutella?


Yes! The Netherlands have the best Peanutbutter!


@chigokurosaki You’re not.



@evooba omg I need to taste that!


Okay, so I just made my picture for Chester’s day and Ive been wanting a new profile picture, which says I Am The Change, for months. So I made a couple pictures and can’t decide between two. So I’d figure to ask here which one you like more :joy: they are pretty similar, but still different. Which one do you think is best?
(Never done a poll before, hope this works…)

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

  • Picture 1
  • Picture 2

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Picture 1 - cause it looks like you push the depression aside.

(by the way, both are nice)


How can I see what people vote? :thinking: I’m already happy it worked but I would like to see the results :joy:


Can’t you see an eye under the poll saying ‘show results’? Press it and you’ll see who voted and how.

I can see the results.


This is what I see. Do I need to vote myself first? :joy:



So you refridgerate peanut butter too then?


How do you use the refrigerated peanut butter? Wouldn’t it be too hard to spread?


Nope :blush:


Thank you all, picture 1 is the winner!


Yeap, like it better.


Mars or Snickers?

  • Mars
  • Snickers

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