Random Poll Thread


I don’t think I haven’t eaten a Mars bar

So I have to say Snickers


You heretic! Get some in you, NOW! :joy:


I’ve never had a snickers but I’m pretty certain it’s gross so Mars all the way!


I don’t mind Snickers, it’s like the caramel part of the mars bar, but with nuts in it.


Okay I will get one when I go shopping


Here’s the thing… I absolutely loathe whatever has nuts in it. Especially if they’re combined with chocolate.


But don’t you like peanut butter?


That’s different.

  • Reese cup
  • Kit Kat

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No idea what a Reese cup is.


Chocolate with peanut butter


That sounds horrid.


Wow, lol, and here I was not knowing what a mars bar is.


Surely you guys have Mars bars over there, you must do. I’m assuming Reese is a brand, if it is, it’s not one I’ve seen in any shops here. Either that, or I’m completely blind.



This is a reese cup if you’ve never seen one. I have no clue what a mars bar is though, lol.


This is a Mars bar. Love it :heart: but I really love caramel


Yeah, I’ve never seen one. I’ll keep a lookout in shops, and if I see it, I’ll pick one up and report back.


Both for me. But I like the instrumentals more


@evooba :thinking:
peanuts+chocolate= :nauseated_face:
But peanut butter+chocolate=😋???
Uhhhh? :joy::joy: sorry… just interesting :grimacing:


Mars bars are our Milky Way’s here :upside_down_face: