Random Poll Thread


If y’all could help us by voting on the previous poll :joy::sweat_smile:
Batman would most definitely appreciate your vote :grimacing:


Neutral’s not an option?


I vote for cookie. Good luck with IT :crazy_face:


You guys :joy::joy:- will listen to them later and make a decision then :ok_woman:t2:‍♀


1st video is who’s? :joy:
I am confused!


Why I am being tagged here




Thank you honey


Did I miss something?


Had to give it to. @framos1792. But good try @chigokurosaki


Ahhh first video is chigo
I am Batman!! :crazy_face: that’s why you voted for Charles :roll_eyes: you didn’t know it wasn’t me :grimacing::joy:


We were hoping you could vote on who sang in the end better, @chigokurosaki or myself, more focus on the rapping parts than the singing

He posted the videos up above just before the poll
I’m Batman obviously :bat::grin:


See though, I didn’t know we were focusing just on the rapping here as well, I meant the whole song in general.


Really now? :joy: okay the song as a whole then :roll_eyes:


I chosed the batman but then was confused which voice is whose :smiley: hehe. You both sing nice… at least nit like me and @NickGr which would burn your ears :laughing:

And you both are too funny and lively! Keeping the vibes of the forums ãlwåyß up!! :smiley::heart_eyes::joy:

Edit :!! What :smiley::joy: you guys voted for yourselves!


I’m Deadpool, framos is Batman. I thought it would be obvious as much as we talk about it on here :joy:


No but still :joy: i was multitasking and didn’t pay attention to pictures! Felt they were patterns :joy::joy:


I agree with this!:joy:


I tried adding it to the poll, but I couldn’t change it by then.


Will my comment on being neutral work as my vote?