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Joe, 28, uk. Hybrid theory was the first album I really became obsessed with, like really obsessed. That whole kerrang/new metal movement was huge in england at this time (early 2000’s). So much so that hybrid theory was the first real LP I became obsessed with. Fond memories of leaving high school at dinner time to by meteora as well. We got caught in woolies mid week and bollocked at school! Totally worth it though. I was in sixth form for minutes to midnight and it was a much more organised release for me hahaha. I’ve since gone on to listen to other genres as everyone does. I’m 28 now and was 15 or maybe less when hybrid came out. I watched them play it from start to finish at download the other year and it was genuinely the best live show I’ve seen. My point is LP got me into music and I’ll forever love that. Hearing about Chester is how I image an older generation felt about Bowie. To me Chester and Linkin Park where Bowie. The band I’ve seen most live and the band that started it all. RIP chester. You or LP will never read this. But to a geeky 14 year old scared and nervous teenager in UK high school you made it bareable. RIP Chester


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The best thing about chester and linkin park is there music and chester voice have got me thou a lot of stuff. To this day I’m still going through a lot and chester voice is helping me. God bless you chester and linkin park love u my Angels


This is awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, haha, you got caught in Woolworth’s? Good memories.