Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion


True. And let’s not forget that jasper helped produce LIVING THINGS. :smiley:


We might end up with Boris and Miss Oatmeal producing the next album


I don’t get it :sweat_smile:


It was a small running joke back then. Jasper was the producer or produced some songs from Living Things. There’s a short LPTV/LPUTV of Mike recording a song and talking to Jasper. When the LP social media accounts got hacked, Jasper was the culprit. :laughing:


In Can’t Hear You Now at the end there is a scream, who does it? I think I’m driving myself crazy because I guess is Chester, ever I am not sure…

Does somebody knows something about that?


I’m missing the scream…


I thought it was just me. I know Mike can growl As he has proved a few times but Mike screaming? Now that’s something!

I do think it’s Chester though



Rip Vinnie Paul, now you can me meet your brother again…


My dad emailed me this this morning :’)


Was that the show in Greece?


Yeah, their first show ever there.


That’s awesome. I wish I got to see them during the MTM touring cycle


I’ve got my hands on Detroit: Become Human and New God Of War… that costed me but I hope it’s worth it


I may be the only one here thinking this but I hope that the game Power Slave (or called Exhumed in Europe) is renewed. I really love that game when I was young and I would like to play it again all with newer graphics and gameplay.

And speaking of games, I’m getting Crash N Sane Trilogy in a few days. :grinning::heart:


Definitely enjoyed it. An awesome game
Took me like two days to complete ( playing 4 hrs each day almost non-stop)
Got drowned into
The GoW is cool too but I’m a little bit stuck at one of the bosses atm and , tbh, can’t quite understand why has Kratos survived and how he got from the world of Sparta to Midgard?


Your dad is awesome :clap:t2:


went on a camping/float trip and got home earlier today. Exhausted and sunburnt


Anniversary edition of Kerrang! coming next week. You can pre-order here:



I’m going to have a mixture of feelings when I’m reading this next week! :sob::sob: