Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion


Next week is not going to be easy

But we will be here for you. @raz7 And everyone else too


Thank you @StephLP18. I’ll be there for everyone else!


Tough decisions :thinking:


Why not all of them?


Shoot I’d love to if I could :joy:
I had my eye on wallets, hats, backpack, socks :persevere:I was like a little kid man

I had to be an adult and choose and only take socks :weary:


Come back there and buy the red one :wink:


I don’t think this is right.

There was supposed to be a new pair of shoes in this box.




New pair of cat it is then :joy:


My cat will do this too. Their obsession with boxes is funny.


@lpfan61 I said I’d show you the result! So here you are


That’s nice!! :smile: and it isn’t reddish at all! :heart_eyes:


It was reddish yesterday but with the light it didn’t see too much. Thank you dear!


:hugs: If someday I’ll decide to have a tattoo I’ll fly to you… hehe :grin: :sun_with_face:


Lol it would be a surprise! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Some days I feel like a turtle in a rabbit race.


I ate you today then! :grin::joy:


this topic is so nice to catch up- @LP13413 one more reason to love Thurman- he´s sooo cute :heavy_heart_exclamation: and @framos1792 :joy: show us how the socks are fitting :stuck_out_tongue:


:hushed: the whole forum will be abandoned if I do that because of stinkiness :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve only worn the batman ones still :sweat_smile:


Guess who the culprit was that did this to me.