Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion


Thruman? Why?


Thruman’s angry!! :scream:


@IronSoldier16 @lpfan61 Needless to say, he likes to play rough. A few years ago, he nearly swiped my sister’s eyelid.


He seems so cute & sweet from the pics/videos I saw… :heart_eyes: be careful next time!


It’s all in good fun. :smile:


I’d say give him his space, but I think is better say give him your space Jaja jk. Be careful :slight_smile:


Who :confused: that will cure soon @LP13413


It’s his cat :cat: :smile: :heart_eyes:


Ooooh! Thruman!!


Another Thurman post!

I came home from work today to another bag of corn on the cob that needed to be shucked.

I swear, in the almost twelve years that we’ve had him, this is the first year he’s started to do this. So, normally, I lay down a couple newspapers so I don’t make too much of a mess as I go.

I’m also still breaking in my new shoes, so he did what cats do best.

Today though, all things considered, he was pretty calm about it. Before I pulled my camera out though, he did climb on my lap trying to swat it out of my hands.

But come on, how can you say no to that face?


Yeah!!he’s so cuuuteeeee!!!adorable! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


So cute :heart: @LP13413


The beauty and the beast! I really love Thurman :heart_eyes:- the last pic especially is priceless! I vote for that Thurman gets his own thread :heart_eyes: and you share his stories with us!!! @lp13413 :eyes:


I will randomly play that song… Allot…I guess I like killing brain cells!!


You know, in the first few years I was in the LPU (7, 8 and 9) Thurman was the unofficial LPU chat mascot.


Okay. I actually don’t know where to post this… so posting this here.

This is a small passage written by my friend… just sharing it in here as i liked it :slightly_smiling_face:

Safe and sound

" All your senses make no sense when ypu5 are in a place too sate and sound
A place more like home but far away from home, where you feel safe, safe from your enimies, safe from your wildness, safe from everything that makes you scared.
The sound makes you relax when there is np sound. All alone…alone in my room when I look out of my window… i geel safe and sound"




I didn’t know this until today so it must not be common knowledge, but Chester was in the music video for Hoobastank’s “Same Direction” as someone trying out for the band’s replacement singer

Not sure how I never knew this considering the video is part two of my favorite song of Hoobastank’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV4DiAyExN0


That’s pretty cool, didn’t know either



It really seem like school is going to start soon and it feels like summer just started. Getting ready to go school shopping and get all the stuff done before my son go back to school. :relieved: