Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion


Oh my! That’s a treasure… what was it doing in the trash… :sweat_smile: glad it was rescued!


So, I’m going to a thing next month and they released the programme for it and look who is in it :slight_smile:


My brain hurts.



This week’s Kerrang! mag has a special for HT’s 18th birthday. You can order it already.


I’m picking it up tomorrow.


Pipe bombs and mass shootings. I don’t even react to news stories anymore. This has just become a part of normal life in America.


Worth sharing




Heads up!! LPU 18 is here! :smiley:


Well…at least it’s something.


Better than nothing, not sure if I should go for the digital membership and renew now or wait. Then again, we never got a cd for 17 like it was originally advertised.


Before last July, I wonder what the 17 CD was before it got scrapped. I wouldn’t mind if they released that in 18.


True… we’ll see. I almost forgot how horrible the shipping fees are as well.


More than anything, despite everything, I’m more than happy that the LPU is still around another year.


Me too, for sure.


I’m unfortunately not too thrilled about any of this merch or the direction the fan club seems to be going. I’m glad the LPU is still continuing, I was afraid it wouldn’t, but it seems like there’s no longer interaction from the band, which kind of kills some of the appeal of it all.

I’m not blaming anyone involved in this year’s launch, I’m sure they are doing their best with what they can, I’m just worried about the future at this rate.

I’m still going to continue being a member because the community is the main appeal of me, but what is keeping everyone else here in the following years? There’s going to be people like me that stay for the community, but when Mike isn’t touring anyone and there really isn’t any benefits to the membership, what will be the point for the rest?

I don’t know. 18 years seems like something to celebrate a little more. Even one of those printed letters from someone in the band they used to have every year would have satisfied me a bit more, just to hear a little from them and know they still have some involvement with the fanclub


Oh wow that’s a surprise! Didn’t expect that

I guess these are still very uncertain times for the band. Mike’s obviously busy with his own stuff and the other guys seem to be hanging low or wanna do their own stuff as well. Could be a while before anything happens with LP again…

In the meantime, let’s just enjoy our company here like we always do. At least we know that this platform will be there to keep us in contact with each other


I understand where you’re coming from Jordan. For me, the “community” of the LPU died with the launch of X. The last few years things have stopped happening altogether. I was always looking forward to the bundles and the music (and I kind of hoped we’d get something Post Traumatic/more Mike focused for 18) but I’m just glad they’re continuing the fan club to be honest.

I still renewed because the LPU is literally the place I became friends with so many people and it’s something I’ll always appreciate and be grateful for.

We’ll see what happens, only time will tell.


It definitely took a huge blow with LPU X, but I think it was at the lowest point when LPU14 launched. The forum was so empty. LPU X is still to blame, but the community tried to live on. It has revived since then, but probably won’t ever be what it once was.

Somewhat related, but why did Minutes to Midnight, A Thousand Suns, Living Things, and now even the LPU get these merchandise collections for their anniversaries, but Hybrid Theory didn’t get anything? I guess the store has quite a bit of stuff with the solider on it, but I don’t really care for most of it


I’ll always remember the hype that came with LPUX (mainly by Adam and HQ) only for it to be a considerable letdown, and the blow that the core community took. It’s taken a while, but it seems to have re-energized the last couple years, and with Chester’s passing, it’s become a new communal home for some people.

In a way, it almost feels selfish to expect new demos or some form of a CD release or even a proper package. But, with Mike supporting his new record, Dave putting his focus on Member Guest, and the guys spending more time with their families, among other things, Linkin Park, for the time being, seems to have taken a backseat.

Not to mention, Lorenzo’s gone.

Hybrid Theory’s had its fair share of merch in the last few years, even if they don’t release an anniversary bundle. Of course, the soldier shirts, the In The End merch, and there were socks and wrapping paper a few years ago too.