Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion


I want it all, maybe besides the hats. Don’t know if I should buy them myself or put them on my family secret Santa list and risk them selling out


Say them to buy it now and give you on Christmas! :grin:


@the_termin8r Noooo! The one you got me is just as beautiful!

@jFar920 Good luck! Maybe go for it now…

Also, this was 9 years ago today! I miss the old website.


I was joking. :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy 13th to The Rising Tied! Wish I could take his baby back to London


Why don’t you?


It’s too big, can’t carry it.


Even if you ditch the frame and just take the vinyl in the sleeve?


Doesn’t fit in the suitcase, and I wouldn’t risk it even if it did.


Buy a bigger suitcase, one that can also fit a polystyrene shell, then go home with it. Problem solved. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s beeeeautifully displayed :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:
Was the frame pre-made for it or did you make a cutout yourself for it?


Halestorm was in the area on Friday, and right before the show, Lzzy went across the street to perform the National Anthem at a local AHL game.


I had it custom made, it was the first vinyl I ever bought and it being a RSD special, I wanted to display it on my wall.


new shirt from Hot Topic :grin:


A while back when the iPhone X first came out I made some rant somewhere on the forum about the phone. Well I recently discovered a new reason to hate the stupid notch’d design: it makes web design a complete mess. I’m glad I eventually had to upgrade to it so I have one to test things on, because it is making things difficult right now

I ended up getting the deck, shirt, and pins for myself and put the mug on the list. Quite happy with the deals from Black Friday/Cyber Monday


@jFar920 Wait, which one do you have now? I’m upgrading next week and really wanted the X but they are kind of pushing me to get the XR (it seems way too big too me, that’s my main problem).

And yay for the items! I’m holding up on merch right now, still need to book flights and stuff for the upcoming tour. And I haven’t done any Xmas shopping yet!


Reincarnated from extinction here.


Mate, where have you been?


Decided to go back here with a force. My school days are worst as hell and can’t even touch the forums due to a lot of work and been very busy.

Well then, Imma get started using the forums this day.


I’ll await the notification flood. :joy: