Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion


Welcome back from the dark side @NoireXJasper !! :grin:


Damn. A lotta notification I got here mostly from Ace.


Well, @lpfan61


:joy: I missed you here! :grin: :hugs:



Well, seems @Honey8’s turn to use my coffin :joy:

Where is she since her last login on Nov 26?


She’s literally dead-busy studying… :cry: I miss her soooooo much! :sob:


Ah, she’s kinda like me.

Been dead here since several months due from heavy loads of work

Guess we’ll have to wait when she came back here :slight_smile:


Yeah… too much studies for you guys!! :exploding_head: you need to relax too! :hugs: :hugs:


Yea we need to relax also but it seems our school won’t let us enjoy :joy:


What’s with all the star wars references? :joy:

Welcome back!


Yo Rick! :slight_smile:

Just got back here.


There’s a very fine line between being a fan, and knowing somebody on a personal level, and everybody should respect that line. My social media the last few days has been nothing but people crossing that line and trying hard to defend both sides. I fucking hate it.

Also, here’s an old picture of my cat, circa 2009.


It’s these times when I’m glad I don’t have social media… but I know what you’re referring to and absolutely agree… they’ve got lives to live that don’t need to be on blast by people behind a keyboard…

Nice way to flip the subject though with the cat btw :joy: being as nosy as nosy fans :thinking:


Hello kitty! :cat: What are you looking for! :smiley:


I’m following @Honey8 on some threads she replies huehuehue :joy:


I am going away :joy:
Now it’s your turn to summarize and reply go! I’ll follow you later!

(Not sure when is that later :roll_eyes: it can be 2 days of 2 weeks :joy:)

Battery low! :battery:




From what century?


At work today, one of our regulars left an envelope on his table after he left with “Eva and Team” written on it. We opened it to find the cutest Xmas card with wishes for a wonderful New Year and Happy Holidays. He mentioned how happy he is that we always make sure to take care of everyone and I was like, THAT IS SO NICE! Some people do pay attention and appreciate what you do in the end.