Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion


To me that’s a tool and a videogame character named after the tool. Oh, and an autobot.


Well yeah…
but it’s used as a slang term here to refer to someone “ghetto” or someone I guess like…dirty or low class :roll_eyes:

Ratchet @$$ people use that term lol


It’s a times like these that I break out Urban Dictionary. Most of this language stays exclusive to high schoolers and chavs over here.


Lol. What isn’t yeet? :joy: Am I right?


Yolo is dead tho. We don’t use that around these parts. :triumph:


Papa Roach released their new album, Who Do You Trust? today.

Their last album, Crooked Teeth was released on the same day as One More Light.

Right about this time, Linkin Park would have finished touring for OML, and they would have been booking studio time for the next album.


As usual, YouTube answered my question.

@framos1792, @jrtrussell


Lol I honestly had no clue :joy::joy: I just go with the flow when I hear it :sweat_smile:

On a side note… @agusdbianco! At 25 seconds, the kid says mahdre! :crazy_face::sweat_smile:



So, I was just eating lunch in the kitchen, and Thurman was on the table, trying to taste my food (this happens every time I have ham). Then, he jumps down and starts sniffing around and trying to reach his paw through the little crevice between the refrigerator and the wall.

We’ve had a trap set in that spot for a good few months at least that we haven’t caught anything in. Until today. I’m not even sure how long the mouse had even been there.

Thurman is now perched on the edge of the table (which he’s not supposed to be), and intently watching this corner of the room like a hawk.

The mouse left a drop of blood on the floor, too.


Doesn’t that make you want to move houses? Cause we unfortnunately found out today that we have mice in our flat and I’m completely freaked out.


It could be worse. The apartment my sister had last year for school was so infested. They were laying down those sticky paper traps for them, and they would catch them all at night. Then they were left listening to the mice squeaking and squealing all night.

I’m still catching mice pretty much everyday at work, myself.


Wow, our issue is not that bad, we either have 1 or 2 (according to what the pest control guy said) but just the thought of having them INSIDE the house freaks me out. They don’t belong in here, plus knowing that, I won’t sleep for the next few months till the problem is resolved.


Set out some food, pack it full of poison.


He set traps and poison around so we’re good. It’s just the thought that kills me.


I completely feel you Eva, I would be completely the same :cold_sweat: and it looks like Thurman is a great hunter- and… is it me or has he gained some pounds of weight ?? :sweat_smile:


I could lend you the flamethrower, @evooba. You’ll just have to buy the compressed air from Poundland as they refuse to sell me any most of the time. :joy:


It might just be the camera angle. We’ve been trying to keep his diet manageable. Some days are better than others, though.


:thinking: somehow… he reminds me on Garfield :blush: - I like Garfield a lot :heart_eyes:


@evooba I get that you are freaked out by it. But wouldn’t it be worse to have a bug invasion in your house? I think bugs are more disgusting then some mice