Random Topic: When's your birthday?


Thanks to this post, we know where are spread. How about letting each other know of our birthdays?
Let’s sing together “Happy Birthday to you” :smile:


November 6th :cake:


Have some more, . Get fat. And don’t forget to wish me on April 13th :smile:


July , 2th . so long way to go


so right now, i am the one who’s throwing a party for you all 'cuz my birthday’s up next? O.o


yes you have to…and i am looking forward to test the cake :wink:


I know a very skilled baker. I guess you would like her handmade cakes :stuck_out_tongue: Also, since we are only 3 in here, I am ready to share the cake with you guys :smile:


you are too Kind :stuck_out_tongue:


November 1 is my birthday. =)


June 30th :birthday: :cake:


March 26 :slight_smile:


january 26 :smiley: :smile:


My birthday is april 3rd


I don’t share a birthday.


21th april :stuck_out_tongue: I wait Amitrish, i want a big LP present ^^


September 16th :sunglasses:


Today :smiley: I’m now 18, so, following italian’s law, I can buy alchoolics, drive the car etc. These are two of the gfts I received

:heart_eyes: I’m sooo happy :heart_eyes:


happy birthday! great gifts :smiley: hope you have a nice day :wink:


it’s weird to think you have to be 18 to drive elsewhere when it’s 16 in the U.S., but drinking is 21 here at the same time. Doesn’t sound like a good mix to have privilege to on the exact same day :stuck_out_tongue:


August 24th